When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, it will heal you and it will heal somebody else - Iyanla Vanzant

Here is a collection of stories from people who have been through cyberbullying.

We hope that these will help you see that there are other people going through similar problems. Always remember that you are never alone. When you’re ready, tell someone about what’s worrying you, but in the meantime, give these stories a read and see if they make you see things a little differently.


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14-year-old Justine never imagined that she would become a victim of cyber bullying. She was no stranger to personal challenges as she had spent months prior battling cancer, and after she was told that her cancer was in remission, she felt certain that her struggles were behind her, and as a result, her experience with cyber bullying was something she was not prepared for.

She began to receive threatening email messages from a mysterious cyber bully. The threatening messages continued to arrive and ranged from merely rude to downright terrifying. When the messages escalated into extreme threats such as, “I’m going to rape you,” Justine’s parents decided to take the issue to the police. The police were quickly able to trace the messages back to Justine’s classmate who also happened to be her best friend at the time. The courts required the cyber bully to attend counselling sessions and to write Justine a formal letter of apology. Although Justine’s family felt that this punishment was too lenient, they were glad that their actions resulted in a positive outcome.


There are always people you can tell if you’re being cyberbullied. Telling a family member, close friend or teacher can really help, and if it’s not stopping, reporting the bullying to CEOP or the police is always and option. Just remember that no problem is too small, and that it’s better to seek help than suffer in silence. Like Justine, you can make people aware of the bullying and resolve it as soon as possible.


I thought I’d have to move schools. But everything got better in the end.

“Last year a really embarrassing photo was taken of me. I didn’t even know that it had been taken until it had gone around the whole school – everyone had seen it, and people who I though were my friends had commented some really awful things.  Loads of people were laughing and making jokes about me. It was so horrible and I hated going in to school – I thought I’d have to move schools before things got better. But after I’d spoken to my teachers at school, they managed to sort everything out. The bullying died down and most people have forgotten about it now. Things are much better, and I have a new group of friends now”