Hello. We are illuminateonline – Amy, Isabel, Orla and Rose – a team of 13 year olds (when we started this site in 2016) who have created a website aiming to support, give advice and motivate children and teens being cyberbullied. We wanted to help you realise that you are not alone and that there is help and support out there. We want to bring cyber-bullying charities into one place and enable you to contact them via our website. Our website enables you to store information and screenshots of the cyber-bullying so that it is all there in one place when you are ready to tell someone, we thought it was really important that you had somewhere secure to save information so that isn’t your camera role and you don’t have to see it whenever you look through your photos.

We decided to create our website during a brainstorm for ideas for the Mosaic Challenge – an enterprise competition designed to inspire young people. We came second, therefore not getting through to the national final. However, Lawrence Jones, CEO and co-founder of UKfast who was the guest speaker at the North West regional finals that we were pitching at said how he really liked the idea and wanted to help us build this website. This has enabled us to bring our idea to life and hopefully really make a difference.