Hello. We are illuminateonline – Amy, Isabel, Orla and Rose. We started this site in 2016, aiming to help combat cyberbullying through sharing experiences and helping young people realise that asking for help is ok. On our websiteyou can find links to loads of specialist charities where you can chat to people who get hundreds of calls from people who are being bullied – they will be so happy to listen to what you’re going through and give you advice. We’ve also written our own advice pages full of tips from real teens, parents and teachers to offer as much support as possible. Have a look, realise you’re not alone and most importantly, reach out to someone you trust. 

We pitched our idea to Lawrence Jones, CEO and co-founder of UKFast. He really liked the idea and wanted to help us build this website. This has enabled us to bring our idea to life and hopefully really make a difference. Since he got on board, we have worked alongside UKFast to develop this site and launch it in schools.